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About Page

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ISSAM GSM is about helping people with their phones. That’s pretty much its purpose in a nutshell.

  • About Myself

My name is ISSAM, well that’s my user name anyways and I used to help people with their phones for a living. If you your cell phone is powering off sporadically for no reason at all, or freezing, or not responding correctly, responding by itself, not connecting to the internet, muffled audio, echoes, static, can’t make or receive calls, cant end calls, can’t hear music, ringtones, or people talking to you, can’t be heard by others, can’t send or receive messages, or whatever the issue I might have been the person that you would talk to when calling your wireless provider.

With this real world experience and my love of technology (yes I am a tech geek too) I am able to fix probably around 95% or more of the phones I work with and I decided to try and help you skip a phone call to your wireless carrier by providing some assistance with the troubleshooting process so that you can get your cell phone working correctly yourself, at your own pace, and with easy to understand instructions.

Find the Solution
You’ll find many helpful articles on the site that will help you keep your phone running correctly and function properly. Just use the Search option in the right sidebar of the site to help find the solutions you’re looking for.

As you search for solutions on this site for your phone issues or anywhere online for that matter, just try and remember that you can solve MOST phone issues yourself, you just got to know how. Try and perform standard troubleshooting first because phones DON’T usually need to be replaced. Do everything you can to fix your phone first before assuming that the phone is broken and needs to be replaced. It’s a lot easier for an inexperienced poorly trained or a just plain lazy representative to send you a replacement then it is to guide you through troubleshooting and actually attempting to fix your phone and let you keep the one you bought.

If you’re like me then you probably take very good care of your phone, invested in a good quality case or at least a good screen protector and your phone still looks or feels like new. If you end up filing a warranty claim or insurance claim then you’re going to be getting a refurbished once used phone that was likely having problems and was sent in for repair and then once repaired given to you. Now yes, they test these refurbished “like new” units before sending them out as replacement BUT who is to say that they caught and actually fixed the issue(s) the phone was having. It could have had or been a sporadic issue as well, meaning that testing would be extremely difficult and the phone would be sent out as a lemon.

But I digress, in any case try and fix your phone first. It will be your best bet in the long run. And once you get your device fixed or if it’s running fine then being preparing for an incident can be a real time and energy savor.

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