Bypass FRP Xperia Theft Protection Sony M4 And All Sony

Every Sony user knows about "My Xperia" function of their Xperia Device. It's like the ‘Android Device Manager’,which helps to find,lock or wipe your device remotely if lost or stolen. But android devices can easily flashed. Sony devices can be flashed also. So, it does not work actually.
Existing security solutions are usually a part of the Android operating system. This means, that by swapping the operating system the security feature or application is deleted.

My Xperia Theft protection is added to the bootloader of Xperia devices. The bootloader is needed to start the operating system of your device, and it is not part of the operating system itself. So if you delete the operating system, MXTP will stay active and your device will still be protected.
  Which devices are supported?

• Xperia M4 Aqua
• Xperia C4
• Xperia Z4 Tablet

What will trigger it?
• Performing a master reset.
• Performing a software repair using PCC or B4M (or third party flash tools).
• Deleting the Google account used for enabling MXTP.
• Trying to disable MXTP in the settings and failing to provide the correct login credentials 5 times.
• Trying to delete MXTP or removing the administration rights of MXTP.
• Triggering Lockdown using MyXperia in a web browser (with the correct login credentials).

 What happens in Lockdown?
 • All running applications are stopped.
• You can no longer maximize the notification panel.
• Incoming calls are sent to voicemail (if available).
• Outgoing calls (except emergency calls) are blocked.
• The USB port will only be available for charging. It will not be possible for a PC or Mac to detect the device.

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